Marketing for Solos: THE Ultimate How-To Guide For Marketing Your One Person Small Business Successfully
If you're like most solo small business owners...chances are you're fantastic at what you do. Your clients love the services you provide. But, when it comes to the marketing of those services, you could probably use a little help in that department. Let's face it, most information available about ma...
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If you’re like most solo small business owners…chances are you’re fantastic at what you do. Your clients love the services you provide. But, when it comes to the marketing of those services, you could probably use a little help in that department.

Let’s face it, most information available about marketing doesn’t easily apply to the solos, who are so busy “doing it themselves” consistent and successful marketing can be a huge challenge.

If that sounds familiar, you’ve found the solution! Whether you’ve been in business three days, three years or three decades, Marketing For Solos is the know-how you need to confidently and successfully take control of the marketing for your one person small business!

Inside, you’ll learn how to:

— Stand out from your competition in an overcrowded marketplace.
— Avoid the “feast-and-famine cycle” by attracting clients consistently.
— Make marketing manageable and doable even with your busy schedule.
— Attract the most lucrative clients that will generate explosive income.
— Avoid big marketing mistakes solo small business owners make.

Marketing for Solos has been praised by these world renowned business and marketing experts:

— Jay Conrad Levinson
— C.J. Hayden
— Dan Kennedy
— Bob Bly
— Joe Vitale
— Al Ries
— Bob Burg
— Yanik Silver
— Alexandria Brown
— Dr. Ivan Misner
— John Jantsch

Editorial Reviews


“Solo business owners don’t have time to waste on marketing theory. Jeanna Pool’s book gets right to the point, delivering practical, easy-to-follow marketing strategies that really work.” —C.J. Hayden, Author of Get Clients Now!

“Your small business will attract all the clients you want quickly and easily by applying the strategies and principles found in this book.” —Bob Bly, Author of Become a Recognized Authority in Your Field

“A great book on marketing a small business for those entrepreneurs who don’t want a lot of fluff or B.S. It’s right on the money.” —Dan S. Kennedy, Author of No B.S. Marketing to The Affluent,

“Jam-packed with time-tested strategies that really work. Apply them to your small business marketing and profit!” —Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of the bestselling Guerilla Marketing series of books

“Jeanna has laid out a solid marketing plan that WORKS. Every small business owner and solo-preneur should own and use this book!” —Alexandria Brown, Online Entrepreneur and Marketing Expert,

About the Author

Jeanna Pool is an expert in both marketing that actually works and graphic design that actually sells…two disciplines and competencies that very, few can bring together successfully. Born and raised in Texas, she is the only child of two very successful, entrepreneurial parents. Before striking out on her own, she worked as a designer and marketing specialist for a variety of firms and a variety of clients in a variety of industries, everything from corporate America to non-profits to government.

Today Jeanna owns and operates Marketing for Solos (a division of CATALYST creative, inc.) which is her own, highly successful, award-winning, marketing and design firm. She’s in the trenches day in and day out, putting into action marketing strategies that she preaches about and teaches others to use.

With Jeanna there’s never any fluff or theory to what she teaches about marketing. Instead, she focuses only marketing that actually works in the real world. She works exclusively with solo small business owners all across the United States, Canada, Europe and around the world. All of Jeanna’s clients have one thing in common–they’re really good at what they do, but sometimes really struggle to market their services successfully.

Jeanna has been called one of the world’s foremost experts on marketing a one-person small business successfully. One of Jeanna’s greatest strengths is her ability to motivate and lead people to become the very best version of themselves. She strives to be the best in everything she does and her contagious personality motivates her clients and others to do the same.

Her love and passion is helping other solo small business owners be as outrageously successful as they possibly can be. Jeanna’s no-nonsense, straightforward, passionate, motivational, fun-loving personality shines through in all of the marketing coaching, mentoring, training and work she does for her clients. Jeanna lives, works and plays in Denver, Colorado.

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Publisher: 3 Bar Press
Publication Year: 2011
ASIN: B0058P53IG
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