Welcome to Soloprenur!  This is a place for solopreneurs to learn how to reach higher levels of income and profit. I have worked with thousands (yes, thousands) of solopreneurs and small team entrepreneurs over the past 17 years.  This is where I will share with you what I learn. 

The purpose of Soloprenur is to share the knowledge and insights of individuals who begin their businesses as solopreneurs and over time learn to entrepreneurs. For these entrepreneurs, starting a solo business was just where they started their journey and not their destination.

What You'll Learn Here

I write about starting a business, gaining traction, and optimizing a solo business. My perspective is you are starting where you are, desire to be entrepreneurial, and seek a higher (than average) income. 

Here are teach the knowledge and skill to start, optimize, and exit a solo business.  I cover may of the skill domains needed to run a solo business. 

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My business development view is this:

  1. Entrepreneurship is based on knowledge and skills
  2. The greater your skill, the better you perform, and the higher your income and profit
  3. To reach higher levels of business development you have to frequently change how you conceive of your business
  4. Changing how you conceive of your business takes time

My interest (passion really) is to help individuals at the early stages of entrepreneurship to grow their business by growing their abilities. It's up to you to decide the ultimate fate of your business. My role is to share ways that will help you get there.

 About Shawn Winkler-Rios

Shawn has been is four business spanning over 30 years.  His last endeavor was a non-profit micro-enterprise organization dedicated to helping individuals start and grow their own businesses. He has won the SBA Home-Based Advocate of the Year for Oregon (2004) and the Home-Based Business Champion of the Year (2010).