Introducing #solopreneurlife on Anchor! What was your big motivation to become a solopreneur?


Good morning everyone! My name is Shawn Winkler-Rios and this my first anchor broadcast! I played around with anchor waited yesterday afternoon, and I just thought it was a lot of fun! I began to think about ways that it might be useful and fun for solopreneur to have daily conversations. So I thought I would put together a little format and see how it went!

Is Anchor An Opportunity For Conversation?

I thought, Anchor is supposed to be “radio by the people”. It’s supposed to be a conversation. We could try a daily “anchorcast” (if that’s a word) about the lives of solopreneurs. I have a hashtag, #solopreneurlife and we can talk about the challenges of starting and growing a solopreneur business while balancing life (everything else) along with it.

My Background

Quick background on me, so you know where I am coming from. Soloprenur is my fourth business on my previous endeavor was a local nonprofit here in Eugene Oregon where I held micro-enterprises to start and grow. It was a great opportunity to get back to the community and the economy and helping small business owners to get their start.

One of the things that I took a particular interest and since helping people from their first idea to their 10th employee and the whole notion of growth as a solopreneur. That’s really where my passion is. That was typically a multiyear journey, with a lot of challenges, but with a lot of joys too if you do it right. This nonprofit helped a lot of people to start their business and overcome those challenges and succeed! That’s a little about me and where I am coming from!

Today’s Question

Why don’t we start out today’s conversation with a question: What was your big motivation to become a solopreneur? Was it desperation? Passion? Money? Interest in your product or service? Is that keeping you motivated today?

Alright, let’s talk!

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