Why Your Passion Is The Secret Ingredient

 It is 5 a.m., and I am here in front of my computer ready to write my next blog post.   My mind is clear,  I have my plan, and I feel the energy I need to reach my goal.   I am ready to roll!

 You might think it crazy getting up at this hour and feeling terrific about writing a blog post.   I don’t see it that way at all.   My hope is that this blog post and all of the other services I provide will help you reach your entrepreneurial goals.   This is my passion. And I LOVE doing it!

 Discover Your Passion

  Successful solopreneurs all dream of a life they want to live.   They see a business as their way of making the life they want a reality.   Their business enables them to live a life of purpose, and it feeds their soul.  

  If you are in the process of starting or growing a business, you have a passion too.   You may not have identified it explicitly yet, but it’s there.  You can feel it.  It is the energy behind the business idea burning in your mind.  This passion excites you, moves you, and dominates your actions on a daily basis.   You own this idea, and you want to see it through no matter what.  

 Your passions can also be the best way to improve your customers lives in some meaningful way. When you take action, they are richer, happier, healthier or in some way better off as a result.  You love what you do, and they love that you do it so well. 

 Your passion is your area of excellence in business and can create the best benefits for your customers as a result.  This is your secret ingredient in your business that no one else can copy.  

 Write Your Passion Statement

  You can tap into your passion by capturing it in a written a passion statement.   A passion statement is just a couple of sentences that captures what you do well and how it makes a contribution to your customers.  

 Here are a few questions to guide your in writing your passion statement: 

 What are your areas of excellence?  Your area of excellence lies in the tasks you love to do that can produce the best results.  What problems do you enjoy solving?  What are you learning about every day? What particular circumstances do you find this knowledge useful? 

 Who best benefits from your areas of excellence?  There are certain customers that you know that you can help better than others.  You are comfortable with them and speak their language. You can easily pick them out in a crowd.  Who are they? What kinds of problems do they have? What solutions are they looking for that are in your area of excellence? 

 What are the benefits your areas of excellence can create for your customers?  A benefit is a what a customer finds useful in what you provide them. What advantage do you give them?  How do you make their life better? What positive experiences do you create for them? 

 Once you have answers to these questions that you are satisfied with, put them together in a sentence or two.  

 Here is my passion statement:

 My passion is entrepreneurial learning.   Supporting my entrepreneurial clients to learn daily through their experiences, efficiently and effectively, leads to an empowered business and life that they choose.

 This statement sums up my main contribution to my clients!

 Passion Is A Key Ingredient For Business Growth

 Identifying your passion can be a key ingredient in the growth of your business. Our passions help us to do our best work in the service of others.  Putting your passion front and center in your business can also keep you energized, help you to learn faster, and be a source of inspiration for your customers in the long-term as well. 

 What does your passion statement say? 


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